The agricultural unemployment


Work in agriculture is seasonal and is subject to climatic conditions. The winter is the period when the agricultural worker doesn't work and for this period has the right to apply for the agricultural unemployment.

The unemployment in agriculture is an annual amount paid by the INPS (the Italian National Institute of Social Welfare) to workers who have worked in agriculture, even for a short period of time during the year.

The amount will be paid in a single solution in the year following that in which the application was carried out, accompanied by all the necessary documents.


Agricultural unemployment may be claimed by:

- fixed-term agricultural workers,
- agricultural workers for an indefinite period working only a part of the year,
- small landowners,
- the family members collaborators,
- the agricultural worker who also works as an self-employed worker (with the partita IVA), has the right to the agricultural unemployment if the days worked in agriculture exceed the days worked as an self-employed,
- agricultural workers holding small parcels of land, who are entered on the list of agricultural workers for less than 51 days (these workers may add the working days carried out on their land in order to obtain the right to unemployment).
IMPORTANT: Mothers who resign during the breastfeeding period have the right to apply for the agricultural unemployment.


To apply for the agricultural unemployment for 2021 the agricultural worker must:

- be included on the lists of agricultural workers for 2021,
- have worked at least 102 days in the last two years prior to the one in which the application comes (102 days between 2020 and 2021).


The documents necessary to apply:
- identity document + tax code (codice fiscale),
- copy of the residence permit or copy of the residence permit for long-term residents for non-EU workers,
- copies of the tax return documents for 2019 and 2020, yours and of your spouse/husband, if you have the right to family allowances (ANF),
- copies of the identity documents of the family members, even if they are residents in the countries of origin,
- IBAN of the bank or postal current account.


The FLAI CGIL TORINO officials are available to verify that there are the requirements to apply for agricultural unemployment and to claim the additional benefits (ANF).